Breaking News From The Supreme Court

Update: The Supreme Court rules Tuesday in favor of pro-life groups that counsel pregnant women to make choices other than abortion, invalidating a California law requiring them to prominently post information on how to obtain a state-funded abortion. The court, in a 5-4 ruling, said the state law probably violates the Constitution. The court also … Continue reading Breaking News From The Supreme Court

The Latest In Pro-Life News: Issue 2

Email from ACLJ on Planned Parenthood Ed, We're on the precipice of devastating Planned Parenthood, but we need you. Planned Parenthood aborts - kills - 321,384 babies a year - nearly 900 lives a day. It takes $543 million of your tax dollars a year - nearly $1.5 million every single day. Planned Parenthood is … Continue reading The Latest In Pro-Life News: Issue 2

Latest in Pro-Life News 5/25/2018

President Trump to cut Planned Parenthood funding The Trump administration is announcing its intentions to cut a significant amount of taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses. The proposed regulation will also better protect victims of sexual assault, incest and rape because it will require that any Title X-funded projects document their compliance with state reporting laws … Continue reading Latest in Pro-Life News 5/25/2018

You Probably Haven’t Heard About This Student Walk-Out

There has been lots of press about student walk-outs recently, but I'm going to bet that you haven't heard about this one, at least not from the mainstream media. The information below is from and you can click that link to read the full story about student groups across the nation that joined together to stand … Continue reading You Probably Haven’t Heard About This Student Walk-Out