Pastor Ed Boston

Pastor Ed Boston started his ministry work in 2003, and then doing podcasts in 2008. Along with his wife Amy, they have recently opened The Father’s House a brand new House Church in their home.

Minister, Podcast Host, And Prayer Warrior

Having preached his first sermon at age 14 at the Lewis Creek Wesleyan Church where his Grandpa Boston served as the Pastor, Ed Boston realized that he had been called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When his Grandpa died on his 15th birthday, he says that he was like the Israelites and wondered until he was 40 years old. He passionately believes at that time God told him that he had tried (unsuccessfully) to answer the call, so God was going to show him how that would come to pass.
He began his official ministry in March of 2003 at Hope Frist Wesleyan Church, another church that his Grandpa had preached at. 18 years later, he is now the Pastor of The Father’s House, founder of Ed Boston Ministries, has done over 2,000 podcasts, and works to be a Prayer Warrior for others.
With the remainder of his life here on earth his desire is to along with his wife Amy, help win as many souls for the Lord as possible, and be the absolute best Pastor, Online Minister, and Prayer Warrior that he can be. He wants to continue with his favorite motto and – Do The Right Thing!

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