Our Interview With Pro-Life Weekly’s Catherine Hadro Plus A Call-To-Action

Listen to our latest interview with Catherine Hadro by clicking here. Catherine is the host of EWTN’s Pro-Life Weekly is a guest of the podcast. We discuss March for Life 2019, the President and Vice-President’s pro-life support, as well a some of the recent legislation that is getting nationwide media coverage.

45th Annual March for Life

Source: EWTN.com


Warm weather greets marchers at the 45th annual March for Life

By Christine Rousselle

They came from across the country and the globe to Washington, DC. for one purpose: to stand in solidarity with unborn children.

With a quite a few groups donned in matching hats and scarves – quickly rendered unnecessary due to the unseasonably warm January day – and clutching some innovative signs, the 45th annual March for Life went off without a hitch Jan. 19.

While the rally made history as President Donald Trump became the first sitting president to address the march via livestream video, the individual marchers to whom EWTN News spoke over the course of the day were more concerned with the need to protect the unborn and to promote the dignity of life.

And they were big fans of the nice weather, of course.

The crowd was overwhelmingly young, and large groups from all over the country were spotted on the National Mall. A group of around 400 from Baton Rouge, La., made an impressive entrance, and the wave of white hats continued as far as the eye could see.

The University of Mary had a three-bus contingent of about 150 students, faculty, and staff, who made the 30-hour car ride to Washington, D.C from Bismarck. The prospect of a long bus ride didn’t sway UMary junior Mary Kampa, who was returning to DC for her second March for Life in a row.

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The Latest In Pro-Life News: Issue 3

Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court prompts pro-life hopes

The retirement announcement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has led pro-life advocates to voice hope that his successor could help overturn Roe v. Wade in coming years.

Kennedy submitted his formal resignation on Wednesday, in a letter to President Donald Trump.

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Supreme Court sides with pro-life pregnancy centers in California abortion case

The Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked a California law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to post information on programs to obtain and free or low-cost abortion.

The 5-4 ruling in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra sent the case back to a lower court to be reconsidered, in light of the Supreme Court’s finding that “We hold that petitioners are likely to succeed on the merits of their claim that the FACT Act violates the First Amendment.”

Lower courts had rejected a petition to temporarily block the California law while it was being legally challenged. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the case against the law was unlikely to succeed on its merits.

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 16-year-old boy with cancer uses his Make a Wish to ask for an end to abortion

When you’re 16 years old and living with and dying from cancer, no one would expect you to use the wish granted to you by the Make a Wish Foundation in a completely selfless way. But that’s just what Jeremiah Thomas did. In March, the all-star, state champion athlete was diagnosed with osteoblastic osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that is resistant to radiation therapy and has a survival rate of just 10 percent. With a tumor dangerously close to his heart and two on his spine, his doctors told his parents that it was too late. He was paralyzed from the waist down from the tumor on his spine but it didn’t hold him back.

“I can still preach from a wheelchair,” he said.

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California teacher under investigation for showing Live Action abortion videos

A middle school teacher in Sacramento, California, is under investigation by the Sacramento City Unified School District after showing videos about the reality of abortion. The Sacramento Bee reports that parents complained after their children watched the video series at AbortionProcedures.com, in which former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describes the most commonly used abortion procedures during each trimester of pregnancy.

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Email from CareNet.org

Good morning, Ed!

One year ago, I was busy putting the final touches on Care Net’s brand new resource, Pro-Life 101. This first-ever, free online course helps pro-life people learn the history of abortion and how they can reach those facing difficult pregnancy decisions with the compassion, hope, and help of Jesus.

The response has been fantastic!

Ed, since the course launched on July 1, 2017 more than 18,000 people have enrolled and are learning to transform their pro-life passion into life-saving action! Isn’t that incredible?

Each weekly session takes about fifteen minutes, and the entire self-led course is only 6-weeks long.  Each student learns the facts about abortion and the abortion industry and how to confidently and lovingly stand for the unborn whose lives hang in the balance.

Imagine how many babies this training could help you save.

Every day, the abortion industry continues to fill the minds of Americans with lies about its grisly, destructive work. There is a critical need for reliable information about the abortion epidemic and its far-reaching consequences so that we, as pro-life supporters, can stand up for the most vulnerable among us. This year, close to a million babies are expected to lose their lives in abortion if we don’t act.

But how can we take action if we aren’t equipped?

That’s why I wanted to make sure that you have an opportunity to experience Pro-Life 101. Your passion to see unborn lives saved from abortion is clear, Ed, and I know that you would benefit from this course.

You can sign up today for free here: https://resources.care-net.org/pro-life-101/

I hope to see you complete the course! Together, we can save these babies and introduce their parents to the marvelous love of Jesus Christ.


In Christ,


Ardee Coolidge
Manager, Marketing and Communication
Care Net

The Latest In Pro-Life News: Issue 2

Email from ACLJ on Planned Parenthood


We’re on the precipice of devastating Planned Parenthood, but we need you.

Planned Parenthood aborts – kills – 321,384 babies a year – nearly 900 lives a day. It takes $543 million of your tax dollars a year – nearly $1.5 million every single day.

Planned Parenthood is profiteering from abortion, padding its bottom line by selling aborted babies, and bragging about taking your tax dollars.

This indescribable evil must end. Now.

For decades, we’ve been fighting in Congress and at the Supreme Court to defund Planned Parenthood. Now in a stunning reversal, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has proposed a new pro-life rule defunding more than $60 million of our tax dollars from Planned Parenthood – all of Title X.

This is the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood. But they won’t go down without a fight. In just weeks, we’re making a critical public legal filing to defend this new pro-life rule.

We also have a critical case pending at the Supreme Court – that could be decided any day – which could devastate Big Abortion by saving countless babies.

We need your voice. Demand Planned Parenthood be defunded now.

Sign Our Petition: Defund Planned Parenthood and Big Abortion.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel


Email from Live Action on New Expose

Live Action released two videos today showing Planned Parenthood employees, caught on camera at 15 different facilities across the country, willing to cover up child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking.

Recorded in 2008 and 2011, today’s videos include an investigation of child statutory rape reporting as well as child sex trafficking aiding and abetting at Planned Parenthood, adding to the mounting body of evidence that the corporation’s culture of cover up is systemic and widespread.

It’s critical with the narrative of #MeToo and #Time’sUp that America knows Planned Parenthood is part of the problem when it comes to perpetuating sexual abuse – not the solution.

These investigative videos show a corporation that is so intensely focused on profiting from the killing of preborn children, that it is willing to exploit the pain of abuse victims as a part of its corporate culture. Watch these videos, and all of the videos in our docuseries, by clicking the link below.

Watch the docuseries: https://www.liveaction.org/aidingabusers/


Majority of Americans want abortion ‘more restricted,’ Gallup finds

A majority of U.S. citizens continue to favor banning most abortions, according to new polling data from Gallup.

On Monday, Gallup released a new report on its annual survey of American abortion attitudes. While respondents’ self-labeling remains evenly divided, with 48% each identifying as “pro-life” and “pro-choice,” more specific questions reveal that a clear majority wants to ban most abortions.

A combined 53% of Americans favor legal abortion in “few” or “no” circumstances, while just 43% think abortion should be legal in “all” or “most” circumstances.

Further probing of American attitudes found the public “favoring more restrictive rather than less restrictive laws.”

These findings have been remarkably durable for more than two decades, as 54% or more have given Gallup the same answer every year from 1995 through 2017.

Full article at LifeSiteNews.com.


U.S. blocked Canada’s abortion agenda at G7 negotiations

In the lead-up to this year’s G7 summit in Quebec, Canadian officials were explicit: women and children were going to be central, and an essential component of their health and empowerment is abortion. But when the final declarations were released, all language about “reproductive rights” was removed, and, according to Devex, “the U.S. delegation…was responsible for the softer official language.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, following the famous example of Sweden, has characterized his government and its foreign policy as “feminist.” He employs quotas to ensure that half his cabinet members are women and imposes regulations on his party to support only pro-abortion policies and candidates.  For the first time, as G7 host, Canada established a Gender Equality Advisory Council which submitted its recommendations to integrate gender into the G7’s work. Other inputs included a statement from more than sixty feminists that included a call for an end to the “criminalization or restrictive regulation of abortion.”

Full article at LifeSiteNews.com.


Texas abortionists sue to destroy decades of pro-life laws

The abortion lobby in Texas launched a new legal strategy this week it hopes will invalidate scores of pro-life laws that have been on the books for years.

On Thursday, attorneys representing the infamous Texas abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health filed a lawsuit against the state’s ultrasound requirement, 24-hour waiting period, licensing standards, requirement that abortions be performed only by doctors rather than clinic staff, and more.

The basis of the new challenge is the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2016 decision to strike down the state’s requirement that abortionists have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and abortion facilities adhere to the same building standards as ambulatory medical facilities.

This Week’s Podcasts

This week on the Ed Boston Podcast Network, we will be doing a follow-up on Harvest America 2018 and the 2nd installment of Pro-Life News and Views with Amy Boston.

If any major developments take place in the Trump/Kim summit, we will cover that as well

We will post the Harvest America follow-up on Wednesday.

Pro-Life News and Views with Amy Boston will air on Friday.

Pro Life

Latest in Pro-Life News 5/25/2018

President Trump to cut Planned Parenthood funding

The Trump administration is announcing its intentions to cut a significant amount of taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses. The proposed regulation will also better protect victims of sexual assault, incest and rape because it will require that any Title X-funded projects document their compliance with state reporting laws when they encounter potential victims.

In 1970, Title X was enacted by Congress to provide federal tax dollars for what is termed family planning — but also explicitly banned funding for abortion, stating, “None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.” In 1988, the Reagan administration put regulations in place which mandated that “Title X programs may not promote, counsel, or refer clients for abortion or co-locate or combine family planning services with abortion activities.” It also required “not only complete financial separation, but also physical separation of abortion activities from Title X service sites and separate personnel.”

Firefighter with Down syndrome helps protect children from fire

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and Ryan LaFave is no exception. The 22-year-old is a graduate of Cowlitz 2’s fire science program and is a volunteer with Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue in Kelso, Washington, where his father David is chief. LaFave also happens to have Down syndrome. Last summer, he was at home when two neighbor children came running to his door.

What Planned Parenthood could learn from me: Being a teenage mom was hard, but it sure didn’t ruin my life

It had happened to a few girls in my high school before me, some of whom quickly had an abortion and moved on with their lives. Except this time it was me.  The flood of emotions I experienced upon learning of my pregnancy as I started my senior year of high school was dominated by fear and shame.

Needless to say, this wasn’t the most planned aspect of my life and certainly was not on my regimented timeline for becoming a doctor – or for life in general, for that matter. Many around me said I wouldn’t accomplish my goals and that if I went through with the pregnancy I would not only ruin my life but my child’s as well.  I also found myself questioning whether I really could amount to anything, other than being a statistic and ultimately a single parent.


The Latest in Pro-Life News

In a new feature at EdBoston.com we will be taking a weekly look at the latest in Pro-Life news, and soon to follow – a weekly podcast featuring commentary from our own Amy Boston. More details on the weekly podcast to come soon, but for now – take a look at these stories snippets and the full stories are at links provided. 

Repealing Ireland’s pro-life amendment could have dire consequences, bishop warns

Ireland’s upcoming vote on whether to legalize abortion is “a vital issue of life or death” that threatens to change the country forever, Bishop Fintan Monahan of Killaloe told his diocese.

“I, along with many others find it almost beyond belief and profoundly sad that we are being asked to abolish the basic right to life of the unborn child from our constitution, a most fundamental and basic right,” he said.

Trump Will Be Keynote Speaker at Major Pro-life Group’s Event

President Donald Trump will be the keynote speaker at the Susan B. Anthony List’s Campaign for Life Gala on May 22. Trump will talk about his administration’s pro-life efforts at the event, which will be held at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

“President Trump has diligently and successfully gone about fulfilling his promises to the pro-life voters who worked so hard to elect him, and it has been a privilege to stand with him to defend the innocent unborn,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

YouTube suspends abortion pill reversal videos, silencing women who chose life

YouTube suspended the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) account for “repeated or severe violations of [the] Community Guidelines.” Four videos were posted to the account. The “offending” videos included one webinar explaining APR in scientific and medical terms. The remaining three told the stories of women who chose life for their babies using the APR protocol.

High school apologizes for ‘life has a purpose’ presentation after approving it

 Ryan Bomberger posted an update to this situation on his Facebook page:

After receiving a Cease and Desist letter from our attorney, the Vicksburg Community Schools District responded with a draft apology within 24 hours to the charges of defamation made in regard to The Radiance Foundation‘s life-affirming assembly at Vicksburg High School on May 1, 2018. We’ve received tremendous positive feedback from students, parents and teachers about the ‘Life Has Purpose’ multimedia presentation.

Judge overturns law legalizing assisted suicide in California

In 2015, California officially legalized assisted suicide. Despite intense opposition from both religious and disability rights groups, as well as doctors, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law, claiming he considered what he would want, saying, “In the end, I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death.” But now, almost two years after it took effect, a Riverside judge has overturned the law.