#HarvestSoCal 2019 is in the Books – WOW!

This was my Facebook post Sunday night after watching HarvestSoCal2019: Tonight’s #HarvestSoCal has been amazing! Wonderful music by @philwickham @newsboys and @christomlin - the powerful message from @greglaurie was simple and so enlightening, but the highlight was the THOUSANDS who just gave their lives to Jesus. “I keep doing these crusades year after year because I want … Continue reading #HarvestSoCal 2019 is in the Books – WOW!

So Cal Harvest – 2018 Is This Weekend

You may have read about the controversy involving billboards for this event being removed because of complaints about Pastor Greg Laurie holding a Bible on the billboard. I've got to say, Pastor Laurie handled the situation in such a Christ-like manner. Here is the picture of the "offensive" billboard and that is followed by the … Continue reading So Cal Harvest – 2018 Is This Weekend

Info On And Video Of Harvest America 2018

Below are some interesting things about this year's Harvest Fest in Texas. Pastor Greg Laurie's sermon was outstanding, so checking out the links below will let you experience that part. The most important part of the event though is these figures: Professions of Faith 2,354 – AT&T Stadium 1044 – Crossover Evangelism Teams 921 – … Continue reading Info On And Video Of Harvest America 2018

This Week’s Podcasts

This week on the Ed Boston Podcast Network, we will be doing a follow-up on Harvest America 2018 and the 2nd installment of Pro-Life News and Views with Amy Boston. If any major developments take place in the Trump/Kim summit, we will cover that as well We will post the Harvest America follow-up on Wednesday. Pro-Life … Continue reading This Week’s Podcasts