10/29/18 – The Weekly Ed Boston Podcast

On our weekly podcast at iHeartRadio,  Pastor Ed Boston will be talking about the following topics:

The horrible murders at the Synagogue in Pittsburgh

Hate in the country

Migrant caravan

Mail Bombs

Mid Terms

His interview with Survivor cast member Rupert talking about Rupert’s Kids

Again, here is the link to this episode of the Weekly Ed Boston Podcast:

Prayers for Those Injured and the Families of Those Who Lost Loved Ones at the Synagogue In Pittsburgh

Once again tragedy has struck our country, this time in the form of a mass shooting at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh on the Jewish Sabbath. Satan and his followers are rejoicing today as those of us who believe in the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob mourn the senseless loss of lives.

We pray for the families and friends of the 11 victims who were murdered as well as for the healing and speedy recovery of those who were injured. We also lift up those who were there and were not injured physically but mentally and for the first responders who were on the scene.

I will be talking in depth about this situation on the weekly Ed Boston Podcast on Monday.


Pastor Ed Boston

This Week’s Podcast – Las Vegas, Antifa, Culture of Hate and More

On the heels of this week’s deadly rampage by a mad man in Las Vegas, those who spew hatrid are out in force. Amy and Ed will give their insight on Vegas, Antifa and a culture that continues to promote division and hatrid. They will check out some news stories, and a couple of entertainment bits of information as well.

Click this link to listen.  This Week’s Podcast