Praying About The Russia – Ukraine Situation

The Russia/Ukraine border is a powder keg waiting for any small spark that would set off a regional conflict that would have repercussions around the world. This could cause anything from a minor skirmish to WWIII.

A war would not benefit any country involved, and a game of cat and mouse is a horrible way to see if the other side will blink. Let me pray with all who read this that God would immediately intervene: Pastor Ed Boston

Dear Heavenly Father,

As the situation along the Russia/Ukraine border is in a severe crisis, I lift this ugly problem up to you as I know that you are in control. The world is watching while a few men are making decisions that could affect every person on this planet.

I pray that wisdom will be used, that no blood will be shed, and that peace along that border area will prevail. Father, intervene will all parties involved and help curb the egos of those making decisions.

Thank you, Father, for hearing my prayers!

In the Holy Name of Jesus,