Totally Unacceptable

This picture should anger any person with a conscience!


High School Band

This is from JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Pictures of the Forest Hill High School halftime band performance during their game against Brookhaven High School are going viral on social media. Many are saying the performance depicted students dressed as doctors and nurses holding SWAT team members at gunpoint. Two Brookhaven police officers were killed in the line of duty responding to a shots fired call last week.


I first thought that surely this must be a made-up story like we so often see on Social Media. Two police officers were killed there in the line of duty last week and this happens.

Each staff member that had ANY involvement in this needs to be immediately fired! And for the students involved, I’m shocked that they didn’t either report what they had planned or just refuse to participate in such a despicable performance. I will take it a step further and say that if they were in this unbelievable display of hate and intolerance, they should be suspended from school.

There is no explanation that would make this acceptable! I don’t care if this was their excuse: 

Reports said the performance was based loosely on the movie “John Q,” in which a father played by Denzel Washington takes patients at a hospital hostage in order to secure treatment for his son.

Law enforcement is under attack – and that must stop!