Victor Marx Joins Us To Talk About All Things Possible Ministries

Here is the link to our latest podcast on iHeart Radio.

Abused and left for dead at the age of five, Victor Marx’s young life was marked by trauma, rejection and unimaginable pain. He escaped his dysfunctional home life and joined the US Marine Corps where years of anger and rage was turned towards the Arab people. Years later, post-traumatic stress and the suppressed issues that stemmed from his childhood caused him to nearly take his own life.

Tragedy turned into triumph when, as a young Marine, Victor was healed from his past through faith in Jesus Christ. After he shared his testimony with a group of incarcerated youth in 2002, Victor and his wife, Eileen, founded All Things Possible Ministries, a faith-based organization that works on a global scale to free children from abuse and the effects of trauma.