Dolly Makes A Huge Announcement About Dollywood Park Expansion

Our friend Trevor Decker posted about the huge announcement from Dollywood with a post titled, “Dollywood Announces Park Expansion “Wildwood Grove” Coming In 2019”. Click that link to read his full article.

You can see the full announcement in the video below.

Thank You Trevor Decker!

After nearly 10 years of working together, Trevor Decker and the Ed Boston Podcast are parting ways – and they are doing so on good terms.  Both sides of this “partnership” are growing and the need to focus on their individual efforts have become very clear.

Trevor has done so many things for our podcast that it would be too much to list them all. He will be remembered the most for helping secure nearly all of the guest interviews that have been done on the show.

Roma Downey, Brennley Brown, Evie Clair, Darci Lynne, Alan West, Kel Mitchell and dozens more have become “Friends of the Podcast” due to Trevor’s diligent work.

Trevor is a PR expert with contacts throughout the entertainment industry and political fields. He is awesome with social media, and has done wonders keeping all of ours sites looking crisp and fresh.

Thank you Trevor Decker for all you have done for us, and all the best to you and Trevor Decker News as you continue to grow your site to greater and greater heights. Looking forward to what the future has for you and all of your endeavors.