What Goes Into Our Minds From TV and Online

I had no advance plans to write this post. God must have wanted me to put this out because He sure got my attention this afternoon.

Amy and I have mostly rested up today, after her release from the hospital yesterday. We watched a couple of movies on regular television, as in not PureFlix or NetFlix or any other service like that, and two of the commercials literally disgusted me.

After that, I was checking email and I got a message from Faithwire about a topic that was equally disgusting.

First off, the commercials.

The first one was about the topic of erectile dysfunction. During the commercial, they showed cucumbers, carrots, and zucchini squash while making references to male erections.

I told Amy, that I was glad there weren’t any of our grandchildren sitting here watching television with us. And get this, it was in the middle of the afternoon!!!

I only heard the second one from the other room, but this was one of the statements made by a female, “what to expect when you lose your virginity”.

Call me old fashioned, a prude or whatever you would like, but this is totally unacceptable. It would be wrong in the middle of the night but during afternoon television? Are you kidding me!!!!!???

So I open my email and I found one from Faithwire on this topic, Three Porn Sites Are More Popular Than Netflix, Instagram and Twitter.

I won’t even discuss that topic, but you can click on the link and Faithwire can share the story.

What I will comment on is that Satan wants us, Satan wants our children, Satan wants our grandchildren and everyone else.

He is using what we hear and what we watch for his glory.

I’ve only got one thing to say about this!!!

Satan, in the Name of Jesus, get behind us through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Clare Niederpruem – Writer/Director of Little Women To Be On The Podcast

Clare Niederpruem – Writer/Director of Little Women remake will be on the Ed Boston Podcast during the week of September 17th to promote her upcoming modern-day version of the classic novel.

Our friend, Trevor Decker has a post and video up here about Little Women.

Here is Clare’s Bio:

Clare Niederpruem – Writer/Director – Clare is making her directorial debut with Little Women, a modern adaptation of the classic novel, which she also co-wrote. She most recently directed an episode of the new CW show titled The Outpost. Her technical experience stems from her work as an assistant director on the award-winning film series, Mythica, which was an official selection at Geena Davis’s 2015 Bentonville Film Festival. Clare’s aesthetic for production design and costuming has also been developed through extensive experience in heading the design of over six feature films. Even further, her success as an actress has prepared her for her upcoming role as a director. She has had lead roles in many features including Once I was a BeehiveThirst and My Brother the Time Traveler, all of which have received worldwide distribution. She graduated from The University of Tampa in 2008, with a degree in Performing Arts.

Link To The Movie: https://www.littlewomenthemovie.com/

I Can Only Image – In Theaters Tomorrow

Amy and I have seen the screener to the movie I Can Only Imagine, and we have tickets for opening night tomorrow. We hope you are able to go see this amazing movie.

We have a podcast that will be out later today that includes interviews with Jon Erwin, Madeline Carroll, and Brent McCorkle. Jon is the co-writer and co-director along with being part of the famed Erwin Brothers. Madeline plays Bart Millard’s girlfriend/wife. Brent is the co-writer, co-editor and served as the 2nd unit director along with composing the score for the film as well.

A little later on, Amy and I will be doing a special review of the movie. Enjoy the trailers below.