Latest Podcast: Ed And Amy Talk Abortion Laws in the News

Here is the link to our Latest Podcast.

Ed and Amy give their opinions on the recent laws that passed in 5 different states that have heavily restricted abortions. Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and now it looks like you can add Missouri to the list. We give our reaction and comment on the reactions of others as well.

When you are finished listening, here’s a link where you can give your opinion about this show or any other topic you would like to share. Who knows, we may even play your comment on a future broadcast.

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  1. Jeffrey Smith says:

    The Roe vs Wade decision was based on a lie. The woman was never raped as she told the court that the was and she admitted that when she became a Christian right before she was baptized. As all sins are based on a lie. Satan knows he has lost the battle but that doesn’t keep him from trying to take as many people with him before Jesus returns and puts the finishing touches on the battle. 😎


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