Prayers Answered – Amy Is Home

After being at IU Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis since Wednesday morning at 9:00 am, I’m happy to report that Amy is now home recuperating from two separate heart procedures.

Wednesday, she had a cardiac ablation performed to help correct an AFIB condition that wasn’t being controlled with medication.

Thursday, they placed a pacemaker to assist Amy with an extremely low heart rate that regularly ran in the 30’s.

The doctors have told us that both procedures were highly successful and they expect a full recovery with results that will improve Amy’s overall health.

She is on full restriction for two weeks or until after her follow-up on the 20th.

After that, she is still on partial restriction for another two weeks, with no driving until after all restrictions are completed.

She has to be very careful with her left arm, which is the side the pacemaker is on, with a 5 lb weight limit for now – no reaching, stretching, back scratching etc.

She is still in quite a bit of pain, but they sent her home with pain meds and we are hopeful that will work out for her.

Love and blessings to you all and thank you again for the prayers already sent and the ones you continue to give for us.

Pastor Ed and Amy Boston