Could Everlife Do One More Project???

Back in 2012 and 2013, we had 3 different podcasts with guests from the music group Everlife. The final time we had them on in March of 2013, Ed Boston traveled to Franklin, TN to do a live interview with all three of the sisters in the group just before they went on stage for the last time. In over 1600 podcasts, that one was one of only a handful that Ed traveled to and did an in-person live podcast.

In the article below, shares that just maybe Everlife has one more project in the works.

Here are the links to the three podcast we have done that included members of Everlife.

DTRT Radio – Everlife Exclusive


Is Everlife Teasing a Reunion Project?

Everlife could collaborate on one more project. This according to a post on the official Everlife Facebook page on Saturday. The group who gained popularity in the early 2000’s which included an association with Disney released their final project “At The End of Everything”  in 2013.

Everlife contributed to many Disney projects including providing the title track for the Disney Channel Original Movie “Go Figure” which was released in 2005 in addition to several successful pop hits including “I Could Get Used to This”.

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