Can We Mourn About The Florida Tragedy Properly? Please!!!!

The thoughts and prayers of all of us at the Ed Boston Podcast Network go out for everyone affected by the tragic situation today in Florida.

Here are some thoughts I have on this topic in general.

After giving some thought about this situation and how it will be reported on and reacted to, I came up with the following.

  • The story will change so many times so the early story will not be the final story.
  • The kid will be called mentally ill (seems to me that one would have to be to open fire inside of a high school).
  • Liberals will blame guns.
  • Conservatives will throw up the 2nd amendment (which you know I’m all for).
  • None of the above will bring those precious lives lost back or heal the wounds, both physically and mentally, of everyone who were victims.

All the while – where is the grief for all those affected? The bodies are barely cold (some haven’t even been removed from the building) and you know that every side of the equation is doubling down right now instead of giving respect to those who have passed, those that are injured, those that survived, and all of their families and friends.

For once, can’t we put aside all of the things above that  I listed and just take the time to properly mourn another horrible chapter in American history.

God’s blessings and comfort to those who need it, and may the healing power of Jesus Christ be with all who have been injured.