Larry the Cable Guy Gives His Testimony

I’ve always enjoyed Larry the Cable Guy’s comedy as whole and am so happy to hear the news that he shares in this testimony. 

Ed Boston


Daniel Whitney (Larry The Cable Guy) shares how his dad was a Baptist preacher and that he became a Christian as a young boy. He points out how he never did drugs or alcohol, but in this area of work, as he describes, “you get in the entertainment business, it just pulls you in.” As he points out, two years ago, he rededicated his life to Jesus Christ. His heart begins to pour out as he shares his thoughts and concerns about so many of the things that he has done in his life. “I just feel horrible about some of the things that I’ve done; and unlike other people, everything that I did and said, is on tape for everybody to see. I’m proud of some things that I’ve done…but there are things that I’ve done onstage, now that I’m back in the fold, now that I’m back with my Savior, there’s things that I look back on and I wish I wouldn’t have done it.” Whitney continues to point out this important truth, “Men don’t forgive you, and I don’t care if men forgive me, Jesus forgives me.”

You can read more at VFN Torch.