Kenya Clark and The Piano Gal (Sarah Arkell) – Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

I got the following from my Facebook friend Rex Harris. Thought I would share it with everyone!

Hello friends!

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived. Now you will get your answers about the piano and the girls. I am pleased to finally share this video with you. The song Amazing Grace I know means a lot to a lot of people for many reasons. I loved being involved in this project. It really was a lot of fun watching this video take shape.

Kenya Clark and Sara Arkell are two amazingly talented young women, and I treasure the friendship I have with them and their families. I have chosen to share this video from Kenya’s YouTube channel, but it can also be found on The Piano Gals channel as well. I encourage you to watch and like it on both of their channels. Make sure you read the description on each video! I am hoping you will like this video. Please take the time to share this video with all of your friends if even to people you dong know. Let us all share this beautifully done song with the world!

Don’t forget to leave comments for the girls on just what you thought of this video, and maybe even what this song means to you!