Horrifying Update for Christians – From ACLJ

Christians are running out of time. TODAY we’re taking urgent action.

Every day, 16 Christians are killed for their faith across the globe.

Afghanistan was just designated the most dangerous country for Christians in the world by a leading persecution watch group. In Nigeria, Christian pastors are beheaded. In India, Christians are jailed and discriminated against. In Pakistan, our affiliate on the ground is representing Christians on death row for their faith. The persecution is unbearable.

And in Afghanistan, the Taliban is going door to door looking for Christians to kill and unmarried women to take captive. Christians are hiding in their homes fearing what the Taliban will do to them – a genocidal persecution.

Our contact on the ground in Afghanistan reports that “men, women and children are subjugated, beaten, and executed for their beliefs that differ from the tyrannical Taliban.”

We are taking emergency action TODAY, submitting 5 critical written submissions directly to the U.N. on each of these countries – some of the absolute worst persecuting nations. Dying Christians need our voice. As we file at the U.N. TODAY, we urgently need your support.

Donate TODAY To Save Dying Christians

Jay Sekulow

ACLJ Chief Counsel

Angry? No! – Time To Double Down? You Betcha!

A friend sent me a screenshot of my Twitter page that showed this. img_5009

Now it would be easy to get angry, which was my initial reaction, but I’m going to take this as a challenge. I’m not going to stay angry or upset about this, I’m making this another of the many reasons to double down on the work I do with my online ministry.

I did put the follow question to Twitter about why my post was labeled “sensitive material”, but as of this time – no response.


If or when I get a response, I will share it.

For now, I’m still going to pray that God will heal our land.