Does Christianity Today Speak For All Christians? Not Hardly!

I’m sure the opponents of President Trump are enjoying this headline from Christianity Today:

Trump Should Be Removed from Office

The CT started their opinion piece with the following:

In our founding documents, Billy Graham explains that Christianity Today will help evangelical Christians interpret the news in a manner that reflects their faith. The impeachment of Donald Trump is a significant event in the story of our republic. It requires comment.

That statement along with the headline let’s you know where they stand.

Let me make this perfectly clear – Ed Boston Ministries does not believe that President Trump should be removed from office, and give our full support to the duly elected POTUS!

We elected a President and not a saint. Would I like President Trump to say some things differently, absolutely. I’m sure you could come up with a few things you would rather I say differently, but you could say that for nearly everyone.

The President has done an amazing job, especially given the fact that his political enemies have promised to try to impeach him before he even was sworn into office, and have obstructed nearly everything his has tried to accomplish. They have failed miserably.

Donld Trump has done more for Evangelical Christians than any President in my lifetime, and that includes my political hero, Ronald Reagan.

And shame on Christianity Today for invoking the name of Billy Graham. Here is what Franklin Graham had to say about his father.

“Christianity Today released an editorial stating that President Trump should be removed from office—and they invoked my father’s name (I suppose to try to bring legitimacy to their statements), so I feel it is important for me to respond. Yes, my father Billy Graham founded Christianity Today; but no, he would not agree with their opinion piece. In fact, he would be very disappointed. I have not previously shared who my father voted for in the past election, but because of this article, I feel it is necessary to share it now. My father knew Donald Trump, he believed in Donald Trump, and he voted for Donald Trump. He believed that Donald J. Trump was the man for this hour in history for our nation.

For Christianity Today to side with the Democrat Party in a totally partisan attack on the President of the United States is unfathomable. Christianity Today failed to acknowledge that not one single Republican voted with the Democrats to impeach the President. I know a number of Republicans in Congress, and many of them are strong Christians. If the President were guilty of what the Democrats claimed, these Republicans would have joined with the Democrats to impeach him. But the Democrats were not even unanimous—two voted against impeachment and one voted present. This impeachment was politically motivated, 100% partisan. Why would Christianity Today choose to take the side of the Democrat left whose only goal is to discredit and smear the name of a sitting president? They want readers to believe the Democrat leadership rather than believe the President of the United States.

Look at all the President has accomplished in a very short time. The economy of our nation is the strongest it has been in 50 years, ISIS & the caliphate have been defeated, and the President has renegotiated trade deals to benefit all Americans. The list of accomplishments is long, but for me as a Christian, the fact that he is the most pro-life president in modern history is extremely important—and Christianity Today wants us to ignore that, to say it doesn’t count? The President has been a staunch defender of religious freedom at home and around the world—and Christianity Today wants us to ignore that? Also the President has appointed conservative judges in record number—and Christianity today wants us to ignore that? Christianity Today feels he should be removed from office because of false accusations that the President emphatically denies.

Christianity Today said it’s time to call a spade a spade. The spade is this—Christianity Today has been used by the left for their political agenda. It’s obvious that Christianity Today has moved to the left and is representing the elitist liberal wing of evangelicalism.”

In the future I will be speaking out on issues that involve our Christian walk here in America. Christians must speak out for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is not acceptable to be the silent majority.

Pastor Ed Boston


Ed Boston Ministries