My Take on Jessie Duplantis’ Efforts To Get A $54 Million Jet

To say that I am disgusted by the entire Jesse Duplantis and a $54 million dollar jet issue would be a major understatement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being blessed financially, but there is just too much wrong with this situation.

“Now some people believe that preachers shouldn’t have jets. I really believe that preachers ought to go on every available voice, every available outlet, to get this gospel preached to the world,” Duplantis said in a video posted online last week, according to The Christian Post.

Take a look at this news report and pay attention to what Jesse himself has to say. I chose a secular site for the video to show the reaction from that standpoint.

Notice at one point he says the plane is not for him, but for the ministry itself. HOWEVER THEN a little later, he calls it “my plane”.

I suppose my biggest complaint of this whole story is this quote:

“I really believe that if the Lord Jesus Christ was physically on the Earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey,” Duplantis said. “He’d be in an airplane flying all over the world.”

Here is what I believe. Quite possibly, if Jesus was walking on the earth today as he did over 2,000 years ago, he would be riding on a plane. However, I believe that Jesus would be riding a commercial airline and riding coach (not 1st class) along with the common people. I truly believe that he wouldn’t be in a $54 million private jet.

My other big problem with this is the image it makes to non-Christians and to those who are not so strong in their faith. I understand the belief that God is capable of anything and that faith in that belief is important. However, this just leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Christians and non-Christians alike.

Interesting too was Duplantis’ take on the negative publicity. When you watch what he says about this, he sure talks a lot about himself. To me, when it’s about I and not HE, then it’s normally a problem.

I hope that Jesse Duplantis Ministries leads huge numbers of people to the Lord. I just believe that this topic doesn’t pass the “smell test” and it just stinks.

Ed Boston

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