Darci Lynne – More Than a Puppet Girl

Friend of the podcast, Darci Lynne wants people to know her as more than just a ventriloquist

if you’ve heard her sing in her own voice, you know that her voice is beautiful in itself.

Read the article below from Just Jarad Jr about some of the big dreams this young lady has. If her America’s Got Talent performances are any indication, I wouldn’t bet against her.



Darci Lynne Farmer might have just won America’s Got Talent last year, but she has dreams beyond just being a ventriloquist.

In a recent interview, the reigning champ reveals that while yes, she won the show as a ventriloquist, but she wants to do more than just that.

“I really want to do it all,” Darci shares. “I don’t just want to be known as the puppet girl. I want to be an artist.”

She adds that she loves “acting and would like to do TV shows, movies, Broadway. When I was on AGT, I was also doing musical theater in Oklahoma. It was very fun.”

That sounds like a plan — but she’s only 13, so some of those dreams are on hold for now — especially if she’s planning to stay put in Oklahoma.

“Oklahoma is my home,” Darci adds. “It’s definitely slower paced than California. I have so many friends and family here. My church is here. And I love my school.”